Platform Fee Details

The administrative fee for Apple In App Payment is 15% per transaction. Starting from September 1st, 2021, Tipsme will charge 30% per transaction. The cutoff date for user income is the last day of each month, typically the 30th or 31st. Data Peak Strategy Company will deduct the above 45% fee and transfer the payment to the tipster's personal bank account. Therefore, please ensure that you enter the correct bank account number and name in the settings page, otherwise you may not receive your earnings on time. If the bank account number is incorrect and Tipsme is unable to transfer the funds, we will hold the money for three months. If you do not resolve the transfer problem within three months, all earnings will not be refunded.

Example: User A posted a football tip on September 1st, 2021, priced at HKD 100 per game. Before the start of the match, 5 users purchased the tip. User A's total income from the tip is = 100 x 5 = HKD 500

After deducting the required platform fee = 500 x (1 - 15% - 30%) = 500 x 55% = HKD 275

Assuming User A only posted this tip before the deadline of September 30th, Tipsme will transfer HKD 275 to the user's personal bank account on October 15th or the first working day after that.

Customers can view their earnings in the 'Purchased Tips' section of Tipsme. Please note that the displayed amount is for reference only, and there may be discrepancies due to system issues. If a buyer's T-Coin balance in Tipsme's wallet is insufficient to purchase a tip worth HKD 8-T-Coin, please recharge to ensure sufficient balance. Any remaining balance will not be refunded. The final income will be based on the revenue report from the Apple In App Payment system, and Data Peak Strategy Company reserves the final decision-making power. If Tipsme detects that a user is exploiting system vulnerabilities or using malicious programs to conduct transactions, we reserve the right to permanently ban the account and all usage rights.

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